The end is nigh.....
.....for 2009 that is, and we look forward to what 2010 will offer us.

As I type this most of my friends will be getting their gladrags on for various clubs and parties for NYE. For the first time since I left home though I will be staying at home with Rob and having a few Jagermeisters to oil the ever turning Wheel of Time. Fear not, chums! This is not encroaching old fogeyness but simply a lack of thrilling clubbing options in my opinion, and no wish to fork out £20 each for the usual Slimelight night.

Entries at this moment of the year in the blogosphere usually turn to mentions of New Year Resolutions, but those of you that know me well know that I rarely do these. I do have a New Year wish though.

My wish for 2010 is for House of Hirudinea to make enough of a turnover that I can survive on it. My first goal is to earn enough each month that my rent would be covered, which means a Net turnover of £500 per month. Once that's achieved the second goal would be to earn enough to match my current wages, which means basically doubling the turnover. I don't expect the second goal to be reached by the end of 2010- I'm not that naive- but that doesn't mean I won't give it a damn good try!

It's going to be extremely hard work, and certainly a financial tightrope for the first year or so, but I want to be my own boss again doing work that I love. I don't mind the stress and working hard if it's something that makes me happy and proud.

I know someone's going to ask about the dayjob- well, I had previously hoped to be able to give it up for Christmas but unfortunately that wasn't to be. Ideally I am hoping to be out by Easter but I have accepted the possibility that I might have to see this out until the end of the school year. That's my absolute cut off point though- I'm not doing another school year.

So that's my main aim for 2010. It's going to be scary and nailbiting, but also possibly really satisfying and creative. Wish me luck. God knows I'm probably going to need it!

A little alternative Christmas song....
I've finished work for Christmas so here's a little song to celebrate whilst I feel slightly ill from eating too much fish and chips;

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Anyone want a GoogleWave invite?

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I'm just about to go to bed as I still feel awful* (though I was in work today) but, on the plus side, I came home to a box of this;

From random

I can now officially drown in feathers.

*my abcess has returned, thanks to this bout of lurgy :(

Headless chicken
Same refrain as usual-busy, busy, busy!

Here's a pic of a little something currently in the process of being made;

I am a little worried that I won't have many items of HoH clothing for the Bring and Buy. It certainly doesn't look like I'll be able to make my custom freestanding display in time- I haven't even got the wood yet. Not to mention hats, jewellery and various other things that need to be made.

Also got a comic and t-shirt designs to do. If only I could put the day job on hold for a couple of weeks!

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OK, a few things done to today;

The holding page for is now up. Something quick and dirty.

Business cards now ordered. Have decided not to order the banner for this Bring and Buy, as I've still got to make a decision on stuff.

Told off kids for not doing Trick or Treating properly. They don't even know how to do the full rhyme these days, the lazy toerags!

Not going out Hallowe'en clubbing tonight as I've got no spare cash, and Vagabonds isn't doing it for me at the moment. This morning whilst going through all the channels on the TV I have to admit I was utterly disgusted by how few horror movies where on tonight. There's only one that I haven't seen. But an evening of dullness has been saved! For on Virgin tonight they are showing.........Most Haunted Live; Hallowe'en 2009! Woot!
I'll be drinking alone, alas, as Dan's off to a Hallowe'en party, but the gin is being readied and there's plenty of tooth-rotting treats to line the stomach with.

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Okay, goth chums, I need your recommendations!

As many of you know I dye my hair black. Unfortunately there tend to be no black hair dye in my locale so Rob picks up some Schwarzkopf Live Colour from the Sainsburys near where he works.

It sucks. It's a deep black for one or two washes and then it starts to fade to a very dark brown. This is totally unacceptable. I dye my hair because I want it to be UNNATURALLY black. I do. Not. Do. Brown. Hair!

So..... tell me of the best black hair dyes you have found. They must be permanent, no fading and the blackest black possible. Nice and Easy was pretty good but I can't find any here for love nor money.

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From now on I have decided to call Spiderman 'jism wrists'.

Amazing Jism Wrists

The Incredible Jism Wrists

Spectacular Jism Wrists

I'm here all night, folks!

I was hoping IAMX would do a video for 'My Secret Friend' from the most recent album, and I haven't been disappointed. I have to admit it's probably my favorite track, although there's alot of great tracks on it.

Plus the video has Chris Corner in drag! Hot!

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Has everyone given up on other methods of communication other than effing Twitter and Facebook updates? I weep for the days when my friends were more verbose and erudite.


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