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So it's done...
Yesterday I confirmed the cancellation of my hotel room for the Comic Expo this year in Bristol. It's the first time in about....7 years, I think, that I won't be there, and it's all a bit wierd. Last year was done on a shoestring but this year the shoestring is threadbare as all my money disappears into House of Hirudinea.
It's also sad because my first solo story will be available at Bristol and I won't even be able to pick up my comp copy. For those of you who are going to be there you can find it in it's entirety in Accent UK's 'Predators' anthology- which are always a good value read giving you a few hundred pages of comics for the princely sum of about nine quid.

My story's a little 4-pager, and as already mentioned it's written, drawn and lettered by my good self (though I'll readily admit my lettering still needs practise!), and, lo, here's the first two pages for your delectation;

This is the style I'll be using for Sanguisuga, although probably a bit more developed. This story was an ideal ground to try it out and get to grips with it. Hopefully it'll all become a bit more polished as I go along.

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Great art! I can't comment on the storyline, since I've only got half of it. If I ever find the anthology, I'll let you know then. Not a clue how it's going to end.

Btw if you are coming to the picnic next weekend, could you bring the hematite (?) bat beads (if they've arrived) so I can have a look at them?

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