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Small miracles
Yay, I appear to have LJ access again at work. How long this will last I've no idea, but hurrah for small things! You might get a few posts out of it.
Perhaps I should point out that I do actually read LJ every day; it's just usually been in the evening, by which time I have little enthusiasum for typing replies.

The next month is going to be extremely busy as I'll be selling at two events, which obviously means I'm working in all my spare time to produce stuff to sell. The first one's in just over a week's time, so here's a little pimping......

Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London - 7 March 2010

I'm just hoping all my stuff I ordered arrives in time! At the moment I'm making hats like a person possessed.

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It'll still be nice to see you, even if for only briefly.

BTW, are you going to Aftermath- ?

I'm not that good at doing costumes, but if you keep pushing me I could probably be convinced :-)

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