So, as many of you know, I quit my job to return to the interesting joys of self- employment. Whilst I do have a small amount of work lined up I am desperately looking for more WFH gigs. Has to be page rates, no back-end deals as I simply can't afford it at the moment, and I've already got two creator owned projects puttering along.
As such any tip offs of any art jobs going will be gratefully recieved. Or if anyone wants to commission me directly. Either way feel free to drop me a PM or email at

Fortunately I really, really like eating noodles ;p

So it's done...

Yesterday I confirmed the cancellation of my hotel room for the Comic Expo this year in Bristol. It's the first time in about....7 years, I think, that I won't be there, and it's all a bit wierd. Last year was done on a shoestring but this year the shoestring is threadbare as all my money disappears into House of Hirudinea.
It's also sad because my first solo story will be available at Bristol and I won't even be able to pick up my comp copy. For those of you who are going to be there you can find it in it's entirety in Accent UK's 'Predators' anthology- which are always a good value read giving you a few hundred pages of comics for the princely sum of about nine quid.

My story's a little 4-pager, and as already mentioned it's written, drawn and lettered by my good self (though I'll readily admit my lettering still needs practise!), and, lo, here's the first two pages for your delectation;

Collapse )

This is the style I'll be using for Sanguisuga, although probably a bit more developed. This story was an ideal ground to try it out and get to grips with it. Hopefully it'll all become a bit more polished as I go along.

Small miracles

Yay, I appear to have LJ access again at work. How long this will last I've no idea, but hurrah for small things! You might get a few posts out of it.
Perhaps I should point out that I do actually read LJ every day; it's just usually been in the evening, by which time I have little enthusiasum for typing replies.

The next month is going to be extremely busy as I'll be selling at two events, which obviously means I'm working in all my spare time to produce stuff to sell. The first one's in just over a week's time, so here's a little pimping......

Alternative Bring and Buy sale, London - 7 March 2010

I'm just hoping all my stuff I ordered arrives in time! At the moment I'm making hats like a person possessed.

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Bollocks! They didn't say they were going to charge me for a year's worth of dedicated ip fees in one go!
There goes the financial planning for this month.......*mutters*

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For anyone who's interested I'll be moving most of the news and info about House of Hirudinea over to it's own community on LJ;

I've set it up so that it feeds into the HoH Facebook page to save me from having to update the same news in two places. Please feel free to friends one place or the other (or even both!).

Thanks and I appreciate everyone's support as I get this off the ground.