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I'd actually only originally intended to do the title graphic for this in the wee small hours but kind of got carried away and ended up doing the cover as well.
Sanguisuga is a little something I've had brewing away for quite a few years now- infact,thinking about it, it might be nearly a decade old. My, how fast time flies by!

The reason of course that it's been so long in the making is my inability to write a script. I did, at one time, get a writer friend to write a script based on my fairly vague ideas but, although his work was good, it wasn't the Sanguisuga that I had in my head. Not his fault, just me being unable to convey what I had envisioned very well. I have,however, been writing down plot ideas recently and things are starting to come together and so Sanguisuga is starting to take a more concrete shape than it has at any point in the past.

Yeah,yeah, I hear you say, but what is it all about?

Sanguisuga is a fantasy horror soap opera. It's about the Moroii and in particular one character called Nyx, and the strange world that is London at 3am.
Currently I plan on self publishing Sanguisuga as a series of hard cover graphic novels,though it's possible I'll also do an introductory single issue as a taster for readers. It's going to be a while in the making though but I'll be sure to keep you updated via this journal.
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