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I'd actually only originally intended to do the title graphic for this in the wee small hours but kind of got carried away and ended up doing the cover as well.
Sanguisuga is a little something I've had brewing away for quite a few years now- infact,thinking about it, it might be nearly a decade old. My, how fast time flies by!

The reason of course that it's been so long in the making is my inability to write a script. I did, at one time, get a writer friend to write a script based on my fairly vague ideas but, although his work was good, it wasn't the Sanguisuga that I had in my head. Not his fault, just me being unable to convey what I had envisioned very well. I have,however, been writing down plot ideas recently and things are starting to come together and so Sanguisuga is starting to take a more concrete shape than it has at any point in the past.

Yeah,yeah, I hear you say, but what is it all about?

Sanguisuga is a fantasy horror soap opera. It's about the Moroii and in particular one character called Nyx, and the strange world that is London at 3am.
Currently I plan on self publishing Sanguisuga as a series of hard cover graphic novels,though it's possible I'll also do an introductory single issue as a taster for readers. It's going to be a while in the making though but I'll be sure to keep you updated via this journal.

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It sounds really good and the cover looks suspiciously like design, victory assured! :D

"and the strange world that is London at 3am." Does this bit mean there will be lots of nu-metallers fresh out of metro's stumbling about? :D

Obviously I should only design covers at 3am, it's the only time I produce the stonkers ;p
Not many nu-metallers though....not unless they're getting killed.Mwahahahaha!

every time you kill a nu-metaller a Johnathan Davies leaves a shiny new sixpence under your pillow

I could make my fortune!

Ooh, want to know more... :)

You'll just have to be patient!

I've found that if I have an idea in my head that I want to do it's easier to bite the bullet and write it yourself rather than have someone try and do the script for you to draw your own idea from (if you see what i mean). That's what happened with QoD certainly. Of course the advantage with writing *and* drawing your own stuff is that if when you're drawing it you want to change something then you can without having to check with the writer. Yay! My QoD scripts are really just the dialogue with almost no actual panel description sicne I already know what I want to draw but even then I fairly often change dialogue up to and including when I'm doing the inking. You just need to have someone who will sit there and tell you if there are any problems or if it doesn't make sense. The one problem I think I suffer from with QoD is that because *I* know exactly what's happening and what will happen occassionally i draw or write stuff that isn't wuite clear to someone who doesn't have all that knowledge (sometimes on purpose of course, but sometimes not).

Really like teh design on the cover there and very isnterested to see what you've got planned with it. What's the quite on the cover from by the way? It's vaguely familiar but I can't place it.

The quote is from Andrew Marvell's 'To His Coy Mistress' which you'll probably have read in GCSE English ( as I did).

A Level, I think, but certainly at school, yes. Good to know because it's been bugging me all day. :) Nice choice of quote by the way, it's one that just conjours up all kinds of images straight off.

It is a very evocative quote and one that's been a favourite of mine for quite a few years.My plan is to have a quote as a volume title throughout the series.


To whom this may concern,

Please be informed and thus well advised that as of May 17th 2004 (my application for copyright received February 09th 2004), I ~ Christi-Anne am the solitary owner of “SanguiSuga” as it is the copyrighted title of my gothic novel (registration # TXu1 -181-549) with the library of congress and was published by PublishAmerica (ISBN: 1-4137-2739-5) that same year. I am also the solitary owner of

I ask that you change the title of your yet to be published/self published work or else I and my publishing house will be forced to take more drastic and legal measures.


~ Christi-Anne ~
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